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The Kopan Monastery Annual Meditation Retreat
Video Documentary and Music Soundtrack CD

Presented in a 'day in the life' style with students sharing their thoughts throughout retreat. Tibetan chants and mantras, birds, windchimes and prayer wheel bells provide a background while students explore Buddhism, the Dharma and ultimately, their minds.

30 Days to Enlightenment is for friends of Kopan, and for others who want to have a better idea of what it's like to spend a month meditating at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the foothills of the Himalayas. Have you been to Kopan Monastery, or are you interested in attending a meditation retreat or maybe even traveling in Nepal? Want to learn more about Buddhism and the Dharma?

Filmed on location at Kopan Monastery near Kathmandu, Nepal, the hour long documentary follows students through one day of Kopan's annual 30 day meditation retreat. Photographs, short interviews, chants and an original music soundtrack are blended together to give a gentle tour of one month at Kopan.

The Music Soundtrack for the documentary was written and recorded using samples recorded at Kopan Monastery. The Soundtrack CD features atmospheric music inspired by Kopan woven with the ambient sounds of Tibetan chants, mantras, monk debates and prayer wheel bells.

The Relics of Geshe Lama Konchog
From the documentary '30 Days to Enlightenment' by filmmaker Curtis Brunet. Filmed in 2001, a month after the passing of Geshe Lama Konchog, a high spiritual master from Kopan Monastery in Nepal. Tenzin Zopa's longtime student shows the relics of Geshe Konchog to students who were at Kopan monastery, attending the one month meditation retreat:

    Info and comments about the documentary and music CD:
  • "I really think the music is incredible... it has helped contribute to one of our best trailers yet" - Alex Jansen, Director of the Kingston Film Festival, Canada. The track "Kopan Sacred Soil" was selected as the soundtrack to the Film Festival trailer. Broadcast on CKWS and Cogeco Cable 13, and throughout theatres during the festival. In Sacred Soil you can hear the monks of Kopan Monastery chanting puja in the background.
  • Calling the music "exquisite", the title track from the soundtrack CD "30 Days To Enlightenment" was featured on CBC Canada's ZeDTV television show and home page as their "Featured Music" selection.
  • "A one-hour movie about a month in the life of (around 200) participants that will be of interest equally to those who have been there and those who are thinking about going. Raw and enthusiastic... with real impact. The seperate CD has evocative music tracks that are pleasant to listen to."
    Mandala Magazine
  • "I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed the Kopan video and the CD. You have done a fantastic job putting it together. I love it. I have shown it to some friends and family who feel they now have a much better sense of my experience of Kopan than before. For me, it brought back such lovely memories, and such an internal experience of peace and real meaning in my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you...
    I liked that you gave general information about Nepal, as well as more specific info about the course. Your filming of the streets of Kathmandu helps give a context as well. I love listening to the chanting during the course at different parts through out the video and the CD. You've done a really superb job."

    Meriel Randerson, Victoria, BC, Canada
  • "Wauw, this is simply speaking more than WONDERFUL!!! With my pictures I can recall memories, feelings and thoughts but with your video compilation I even felt like I've been instantly transferred to Kopan again."
    Dirk Linden, Brussels, Belgium
  • "Thanks a lot for that great gift! Itís incredible! You've done a great work! Both things... the music is awesome and the video is magnificent. I was so excited to live the retreat moments again. You really know how to do things great. I have heard the music a lot and played it to my friends. I'm going to show the video in my buddhist group."
    Josť Aguilar, Guatemala
  • "30 Day's To Enlightenment" is a fabulous documentary that was recently translated into Mongolian and shown on TV9 a Buddhist-based TV station in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia.

    The people of Mongolia have been restoring their Buddhist culture since the collapse of communism in the early 1990ís and since the late 1990ís part of FPMT Mongolia work has been to demonstrating to the lay community in Mongolia (particularly the younger generation) that Buddhism is still relevant to modern daily life. This fantastic documentary really inspired many people, not just by demonstrating that Buddhism (which has been a large part of Mongolian life since the period of the 3rd Dalai Lama) is popular among westerners (a style of life that many young Mongolians are aspiring to), but also to see the format and benefits of retreats/extended meditation courses for lay people (traditionally retreats and teachings were only given to the Sangha).

    On behalf of FPMT Mongolia I would like to express my gratitude to Curtis and the people involved in making this documentary. Its my personal opinion 30 Days To Enlightenment has really benefited the people of Mongolia."
    Shyla Bauer, Assistant Director FPMT Mongolia.


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